Mission Statement

ECO District Energy Association is planned as a member-led organization committed to progressing eco-efficient district energy systems.

About Eco-Efficient Energy Systems

At ECO-DEA we believe that highly efficient district energy systems will be a key component to accomplishing ambitious climate resilience objectives. This is done by lowering the on-site electrical requirements (using less electricity than alternatives) and in providing thermal energy storage options that are not yet commonly in use. Highly efficient district energy systems lower energy use by from 40 to 70% as compared with buildings that are not on such systems. Planning districts need to be thinking about these options from early on. Note several communities in our map (eg, Alpine Balsam in Boulder and 2 projects in Alexandria, VA).

There are new ECO district systems being considered every year. ECO DEA will help them to START and prosper economically!

Current Eco-Efficient Energy Systems

updated 5/5/2021

What is a highly efficient district energy system?

They are not systems with central plants where all cooling and all heating is done with chillers and boilers. The energy use intensity of a both district systems and buildings with 4-pipe systems (only boilers and chillers) are never the most efficient.

What will ECO-DEA do for its members?

As a new organization, we strive to be a platform for professionals and companies with an interest or focus in eco efficient district energy systems through:

  • Newsletters on relevant topics such as financing and funding sources, technology developments, and new projects and project updates.
  • Webinars to hear from companies about their projects.
  • In-person meetings about financial, technical, and regulatory issues, when possible again. We may support chapter meetings as we grow.
  • Funding, grants, and financing opportunities and options.
  • Introduction to private energy companies that can develop, design, and operate district energy systems.

Our focus is supporting our members and we like to hear from our members (and those that are interested) on what they’d like to see from the organization.

Kevin Chisholm, Founder

Mr. Kevin Chisholm, an engineering graduate of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, is the founder of ECO DEA. He is convening an advisory committee. Please respond to Kevin at [email protected] if you are interested in participating. Please send a bio with a description of your relevant experience.